Growing Up

You might think, by the title of this post, that I am going to talk all about Jude.  You know, like how big he is getting and how active he is.  


 This one is about the real big kids in the house.  Kyle and I.  We did something really grown up yesterday.

We bought a car!

We have been talking about getting a second car for months.  We could really use a little extra space.  Especially when we drive back to Utah at the end of the summer.  Sitting Indian style for 26 hours on the way out here wasn't fun for me! Our dream was to get a Honda Pilot.  We both really love them.  However, they are on the more pricey end so we were looking at other options a little more wallet friendly :) The only thing is, the Pilot has everything.  The third row seat, extra space, storage, comfort, rear a/c....Then we went to a Honda dealership and fell in love with this beauty:

She's a 2006 Honda Pilot, 66,000 Miles, Leather, Sunroof

We are so excited to have this new car.  As Kyle said while driving it, "This makes us feel more like family."

P.S. Check out Kyle's FB page for up close pics!  He uploaded all the dealer photos.

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