Summer Wrap Up

The end of this summer is finally near and it feels bittersweet.  We have really enjoyed being out here in Kentucky but we are ready to get back to a daily routine.  I will definitely miss everything here.  The greenery, my spacious apartment, no school, etc. 

The last month here has been a blast.  Whitney came out at stayed with us for a couple of weeks.  Jude and Ryder quickly became best buds and spent hours a day playing with each other.  Whit and I had a blast too getting out and doing things.  We went shopping, to the zoo, on walks, to the pool, baked a ton, and just hung out.  Ryder learned how to crawl while he was out here and it was so cute to get to see him and Jude interact.  

We have less than a week now and then we are off.  I have yet to pack a single thing in the house...but I just don't know where to start! This is when you wish family lived near by.  Kyle will be at work all day so packing will be up to me.  I think it's always more fun when you have someone to do it with!  We are excited to get back and start school up.  I will be busy taking 5 classes this next semester but I am also excited.  Kyle will only be taking 2 classes and I think he is looking forward to the extra time he will get to spend with Jude!

So for now, Goodbye Louisville, Hello Provo...see you next week.