Halloween was Jude's first holiday this year so of course we had to celebrate!  Some friends in our ward were taking their kids Trick-Or-Treating and then having dessert at their house after.  We were excited to take our little ghost out and show him off.  Kyle was excited about all the candy he'd get! 

Since we live in Utah, Halloween is celebrated on Saturday instead of Sunday.  Everyone Trick-or-Treats Saturday and Sunday is back to a normal Sunday without even a mention of the holiday!

 It was chilly and stormy earlier that day but the clouds broke up and sun peeked through.  So we all bundled up and headed out.  We only made it to 6 houses before the heavens opened.  A few sprinkles turned into pouring rain.  We had brought an umbrella just to be safe...but the winds and rain were too strong and broke it so it was useless.  Kyle and I looked at each other and decided to make a mad dash home.  He threw a quilt over his shoulder and we booked it home.  Now the rains were turning into hail! I was so worried that I was the worst mom in the world!  I was sure Jude was going to be drenched and catch a cold!  
Well, we finally made it home.  The streets were gushing with water and hail was accumulating on the sidewalks.  Jude was completely dry and warm.  We were completely soaked and cold.  I was exhausted.  It had only been a week since I was allowed to go out for walks and such and now I had just run home, up a hill, in the rain.      

Kyle is convinced that this was just a reminder that it wasn't really Halloween on Saturday!

We spent the rest of the night in.  We ordered pizza, had it delivered, and watched TV in our pj's.  

Happy Halloween Jude!