Guess Jude's Arrival!

Okay Family & Friends...

It's getting close to that time that little Jude will be arriving.  We want to hear all of your guesses when you think this little monkey will make his appearance.  

A little info on how things are going so far.  I am just about 37 weeks which is considered full term.  At my last doctor's appointment I measured around 35 centimeters.  No real indicators yet that he will be coming anytime soon, so it's really up in the air!

Official Due Date:  October 13th, 2010

Tell us what you think!  
Leave your comment and include your estimated date of arrival including date and time as well as your guess of Jude's weight and height

Person closest to the correct answer wins a SUPER CUTE SMILE from little Jude himself!

Good Luck!  
May Jude's favorite win!


Emily & Eli's Utah Trip

Eli and I at Nancy's wedding.
Emily and Eli surprised us with a quick but fun trip to Provo for Emily's friend's wedding. Unfortunately, I had to work during the days, but we were still able to have a fun couple of days together and Eli entertained us plenty!  He is such a cutie!
We also visited BYU...to teach Eli where he wants to go to college too!
He seemed to love campus and acted like he already knew his way around.
Eli's favorite part were the stairs!  Luckily BYU has plenty of stairs that kept him and Uncle Kyle very busy.

Our last night together we ate at Smokehouse BBQ, visited Blickenstaff's Toy Store, and had delicious cream pie shakes from Sammy's! 

Eli quickly discovered the chip tray was a fun toy and got him a lot of attention...

We thought this was great entertainment, until he discovered....

The Lemon!!!
Yes, he ate the whole thing...rind and all!

Thanks for coming guys!  We miss you! 


Baby Update

January 2010:  We're expecting!  Due October 13th.  (No, it's not a Friday)  Our hopeful dates of arrival are either October 10th, which would make his birthday 10/10/10 or October 20th and his birthday would be 10/20/2010.  Those would just be pretty sweet birthdays.  I guess when it comes down to it we will see if he really cares or not!

May 2010:  It's a boy!  Kyle was EXTREMELY excited to find out he was going to have a boy!  We couldn't be more happy!

We quickly decided on the name: Jude Starr Clark.  Jude is a name Kyle has always loved and Starr is my Grandpa's middle name who was named John Starr Marum.  December 19, our wedding date, was also the anniversary of my Grandma & Grandpa Marum, so it's neat that Jude also has a little connection with his great-grandparents.

Today:  34 1/2 weeks along. Measuring about 33cm.  We like to stay on the smaller side of things.  Jude recently decided to shift a little bit and is now nicely positioned with his head going straight into my hipbone! We're working on teaching him that isn't very nice to do to his mom.  

Here we go.... Again!

After months of promising several people I would resurrect my previous blog, I finally deleted it!  Now, after a few more months of promising that I would make a new blog, I finally did it!  Let's hope C Notes to be a successful blog full of frequent updates and happenings of the Clark's.  Enjoy!