Jude's Arrival

Well it's been two weeks since our little man made his arrival.  We couldn't be more happier.  Jude has been having the best of time with both grandma's having been here to visit.

Jude decided to come on October 8, 2010.  Although I was induced that day, he still decided that was going to be his birthday.  I was scheduled for a Non-stress test that morning at the hospital because I (or Jude inside of me) had quit growing from my last Dr's appointment.  We were told to go prepared because if I failed the test, then we'd be admitted right then into Labor and Delivery to be induced.  Unfortunately, I passed the test!  They did notice that I was low on amniotic fluid and that I was having contractions (I thought they were just Braxton Hicks!).  However, nothing was too severe and Jude's heart rate was steady so we were sent home.  The nurse who helped us suggested we go walking to induce labor ourselves. Disappointed, we headed to the mall because it was raining outside.  We walked around, window shopped, and finally decided to head home.  Although it was 5 days before my due date, we were both in a glum mood knowing that no baby would be born that day.

Just as we were turning onto our street, my phone rang.  It was the Dr. from the hospital who had cleared my non-stress test and sent us home.  He apologized saying that he was informed of the reasons that were having a test done (the growth restriction) and asked if we'd come back to the hospital for him to perform an ultrasound himself.  We turned around and headed back to the hospital.  Our spirits lifted a little, but we weren't letting our hopes up.  We talked about how we both thought we'd get sent back home again.  Once at the hospital, the Dr noticed that I was even lower on fluid than the first nurse had said and Jude was measuring small.  The Dr. talked to us about induction.  We were all in favor!  He told us he thought it'd be ok to go ahead and induce me but ultimately that would be my Dr, Dr. Harrison's decision.  He left to go call her and once again we waited and waited to know what would be happening.  Finally, we got word that they were going to induce me! Hallelujah!

From there on everything seemed to move pretty quickly.  I was admitted into Labor and Delivery and by 3:30pm had my IV of pitocin pumping through me.  Every nurse, doctor, or anyone who walked through our door said to be prepared for the long haul.  I was warned to not expect to have the baby until at least 3-4am but also it could be as long as later the next morning or afternoon.  My doctor even said to, "prove me wrong" when she was explaining how long the process should take.  Well, within about an hour of being induced my water broke.  By around 7pm I was dilated to at least 6 cm.  By 9pm, I was fully dilated and ready to go.  We had to wait a bit for my Dr. to show up...she wasn't ready to get called in so early!  By 9:30pm we were ready and I was given a bigger dose of epidural to help with the pain.  I didn't start pushing until around 10pm or so and little Jude was born at 11:07pm.  He really wanted his birthday to be the 8th!  He weighed in at 5lbs and 10oz and just 17 1/2 in long.  He is our Little man!

We couldn't be more happier and have enjoyed every moment...even the sleepless nights. Jude is a really good baby boy.  He isn't dramatic and cry for no reason and loves to just hang out.  Here are some pictures of our precious baby boy.

   Thanks to Felicia Walker for the beautiful pictures she took of little Jude!


Jude Starr Clark

Just a quick post to announce the birth of Jude Starr Clark.  He was born on October 8, 2010 at 11:07pm.  Just a little guy, he weighed 5lbs 10oz and is 17.5in long.  

Take a look at some pictures by viewing this gallery.  The password to view is: 1008judeclark.  I look pretty gross...so ignore those!  I didn't know that they included the parents in the baby photos done at the hospital!  


Furry Friend

It's not everyday you get woken up from a nice afternoon nap with this...

"There is a HUGE rat in the bathroom."

Unfortunately, that's how I was woken up yesterday.  Apparently Kyle walked into the bathroom and a creature jumped off the toilet and ran to hide behind it.  Kyle backed up slowing eying the beast that kept peeking it's head around the toilet and then running back to hide.  He reached into the linen closet grabbed and old towel and quickly closed the bathroom door and shoved the towel under the door.  Done.  It's trapped.  Now what?

I guess that's when he came and woke me up...

Neither of us were going near that door.  We called our Landlords and after a few moments Stan came down all decked out in a over-sized jacket and gloves.   He brought with him a trash can and lid.  This guy was serious.  Stan walked right up to the door and banged to scare the rat away.  He opened the door and jumped right in the room with the animal.  Kyle and I exchanged glances.  This guy was crazy!  Soon enough Stan came backed out. 

The Good News:  It's not a rat. It appeared to be a gerbil and with a quick Google search that was confirmed.

The Bad News: How in the world did a gerbil get into our house?! 

He may look innocent... But don't be fooled. 
We are still clueless as to where this furry friend came from.  We assume it has to be someone's pet...but who's?  Stan assured us he was going for a long drive and that the gerbil would not be anywhere near our neighborhood.  

So...anyone lose their pet gerbil?