I'm a Big Boy Now!!!

Over the Christmas Break we got a video camera on a great clearance price.  We haven't had much time to use it but have gotten a few shots of the little one.  I'll try and post the others later.  

I caught THIS last night.  He did it about 5 times in a row!

(Ignore the commercial in the background...I kept trying to turn it off but hit the volume up button instead!)

We had a great Valentine's Day yesterday.  Ky treated us to Tucano's for lunch.  We then walked over to the Provo Beach Resort and I whooped Kyle at shuffle board.  After that we walked around the mall for a bit.  Jude and I spent the evening together.  We watched our newest, yet embarrassing, addiction the Bachelor.  Ky got home from work around 11pm with a gorgeous vase of pink roses.  A few minutes later the pizza boy arrived with a heart shaped pizza from Papa Johns for dinner! Yum!


Bouncer Fun

Jude's Aunt Whitney got him a bouncer before he was born.  Recently he has really been enjoying it.  The buttons are in the right spot where he can kick them on and off with his feet to turn on the vibrator.  Usually he just sits in there to play for a bit or when I'm busy around the house.  Last night I set him in there so I could go to the bathroom.  We usually don't buckle him in. Just a few short moments later I came back out and...

Ta Daa!!

Guess I better start using the buckle!

4 Months!

Juders had his 4 month check up this week.  He won't officially be 4 months until the 8th of February.  He is a growing, but little, boy. Here are his stats:

10lbs 15oz
24 1/2 inches

This puts him in the 1% for weight and 45% for length.  His head circumference was in the 7% range. Jude is still being a great little boy with sleeping at night.  He usually goes to sleep around 10pm and doesn't wake up until about 8am. He then eats and goes back to sleep for a couple more hours! The sleep is great considering Ky's work hours because we usually don't get to go to bed before about 1am.

Jude's new talents consist of:
Excessive drooling
Talking, Cooing, Squealing, Laughing

Some of Jude's Dislikes include:
The car
Being alone
Sunday School
 (It's always during this hour of church that he explodes his diaper, is hungry, or is overly tired, but usually ends up being a combination of all three)

Life for us has been extremely busy lately but we're managing.  Both of us are back in school full time and Kyle has been working over 40 hours a week!  It seems like everyday I look up a good deal on a vacation somewhere and try to convince Kyle that we should go.  Come on...doesn't the beach sound great right now?!