Jude vs Bib

Jude had just fallen asleep and I laid him in the Lazy-Boy.  I heard him starting to fuss while I was checking some things online.  I was a little frustrated he wasn't sleeping.  He hadn't taken a long nap today and I had just laid him down.  So I decided to let him fuss for just a moment to see if he'd fall back asleep.  Finally I got up and checked on him intending just to put his pacifier in his mouth and see if that'd do the trick.  Instead this is how I found him...

He's been extremely drooly lately and so yesterday and today I put a little bib on him after I put his PJ's on to avoid them getting soaked before bed.  He was NOT happy about how this situation turned out.  Somehow he flipped the bib up into his face!  His little arms were going crazy trying to figure out what was in his face.  Let's just say that when I pulled the bib down I didn't get a friendly smile saying,  "Thanks Mom!" but instead a nasty scowl saying, "Why the heck did you let that thing in my face?!"