6 Months!

We've made it!

One half a year down with the cutest little man.  

Jude is getting funnier and funnier by the day.  He loves his toys and anything that makes noise.  We are just realizing that he is getting past the "rattles" stage and would like some more interactive toys to play with. (We'll just have to see what the Easter Bunny has in mind)

Jude is also sitting up!  We still have to keep an eye on him because he will just topple over.  But, he is loving being a big boy.  

We had his six month check up this week.  Jude is still our "little" shrimp.  
12 lbs 14 oz ~ 1% 
25 in ~ 1% 

His length has dropped quite a bit down in the percentile and his weight has consistently been in the 1st percentile.  We will go back in 6 weeks for a check of his height and weight to make sure he is properly growing. 

We have also started him on solids to try and increase his weight gain.  We started these around 5 months and he loved it.  He tried avacado, straberries, rice cereal, bananas, and peas.  Now that it is a little more critical that we get him to eat more... he hates it!  Nope, he will not let a spoonful of anything past those little puckered lips.   He is also less interested in eating all together and will only nurse small amounts every couple of hours and doesn't want a bottle! Strange boy!

The little one also got his first little sickness.  The doctor found a very slight ear infection which he has been on  antibiotics for.  He also had a little cough and he has been getting a couple breathing treatments as needed.  Hopefully this little cold is the reason for his loss of appetite!

One of his first times trying rice cereal.  He really did like it and would volunteer for a bite.  Now, he wants nothing to do with any of it!

One of Jude and Daddy's tricks.
Getting one of his breathing treatments.
Happy boy after he got his 6 month shots. He did SO good and barely cried!

Sitting by himself!

We've gotten a few video clips of the little one.  We'll have to see if Daddy can help upload those!