I feel like every blog post I must start off with some apology why I haven't blogged in forever.  Well, this time I decided I am not going to.  Let's face it.  I am a terrible blogger.  I manager a post every few months and that is about it.  So, instead of feeling guilty for all of the recent events I probably should have blogged about...I am not going to.  Instead, I am just going to blog when I have the time and about whatever has happened most recently. For now, you will just have to ignore the fact that I am not going to blog about all the wonderful things that have happened since we have returned from Kentucky.  You will not get to hear about our Labor Day Cabin trip, the football games we have attended, Jude's first birthday & party, my recent birthday, my school studies, jobs, parties, walks, road trips, recipes etc etc etc.  Nope, I am not going to blog about those things.  For now, all you are going to read about is the most recent event.  Halloween.

This really is not one of my favorite Holiday's.  Besides disliking all the scary parts about it, I really dislike that it gives adult women a free excuse to dress like a skank.  However, Kyle loves this holiday.  From his obsession with Skulls to his desire to dress up...we must celebrate Halloween.  

Jude's Grandma Clark bought him the cutest little chicken costume.  As much as I loved the costume, I grew up on all home-made costumes.  I just felt bad that I didn't contribute to his outfit!  I couldn't let it go so I decided to do a little doctoring to his costume and added feathers.  Then we decided to make this a family affair and be a whole family of Chickens.  We had the Daddy Roosted, the Mama Hen, and the Baby Chicken.  I thought the costumes were pretty cool...I just never expected what would happen that night.

All of the homes on this street decorate elaborately!  This is a line waiting to go up to the house!  The longer the line was at a house it usually meant they had better candy to offer...like a whole sized Snickers bar (we got a few of those!).  

Mama Hen and the Baby Chicken.  Thankfully Grandma Romney tagged along with us that night.  She was a lifesaver and carried Jude.  It was really hard to carry him in the costume

Cute Little Chicken!

We were at my parent's house for Halloween and decided to go to the famous Mt. Vernon Street.  This street is packed with old Victorian era homes that all get into the Halloween spirit.  The Police department closes off the whole street and you basically have to wait in line at each door because it is so full of people.  It is a fun experience.  We were stopped door after door for pictures of our costumes.  We had several people from the massive crowd come up and talk to us and take pictures.  A lady from the city even snapped our photo.  The praise made all the negative feelings, sweat, blood, and tears while making the costumes worth it. In the end, we had a great time.  Jude really loved seeing every one and was a trooper walking up to each door!